Miyawaki Method

Miyawaki method is a revolutionary approach developed by the Japanese botanist Dr. Akira Miyawaki to create fastest growing self sustainable native forests. A Miyawaki micro-forest grows 10 times faster and is 30 times denser than conventional plantations. It employs rigorous techniques and processes in order to achieve these extraordinary results. After 2-3 years, it becomes virtually maintenance free and what would remain is a self sustainable permanent forest.


Yes! I want to live a good life and also want you and all the future generations to live a better, healthy and safe life and also make our planet a better place to live in for all Living Things!

Akira Miyawaki


This method has worked successfully in over 3000 sites around the globe, including the Amazon, USA, France, Italy, Netherlands, China, Iran, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia,  Lebanon and India besides Japan. Over 300 Miyawaki micro-forests have been created in India alone since 2010. It has been rated as one of the most efficient ways to regenerate forests as a measure to compensate the depleting biodiversity around the world. It is also a remarkable move in the fight against climate change and to offset the carbon footprint.

A Miyawaki forest grows over 1 meter every year which is 10 times more growth than an average tree in conventional planting. Therefore, the Miyawaki method can potentially create a 100 year old forest in just 10 years.

The 4 layered planting of Miyawaki method helps to create 30 times more foliar density. Hence, it can absorb 30 times more carbon dioxide, give out 30 times more oxygen, provide a robust protection from dust pollution and create a natural sound barrier.